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From: Randy Howard
Subject: Caleb and Josh/ Incest/ Chapter fourCaleb and JoshByRandy HowardThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son, one
teen and another teen. Initial sex is consensual, but after that all sex
between partners is. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from
reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.
Also if you are under eighteen or if this is illegal for where you live,
then leave now, if not read on.This story is dedicated to my good buddy Dwayne, who always kept me going
with his words of encouragement. Thanks good buddy.Previously in chapter three:"I love you Damian," he said as he clung tight to him, with his cock still
in him, and Damian's legs wrapped around his waist."I love you too daddy," and they kissed.Now chapter four:"It loli photographer
sounds like our guys have found themselves," Caleb said holding Josh
tightly to him."I'm happy for xxx kinder loli Damian, because he really had it bad with Darrin," Josh
said. "Now kiss me dad," he demanded, and Caleb laid a hot and heated kiss
on his son as the water cascaded down them in the latin hot young lolit
shower."Come on dad. Let's go to bed, it's getting late," and Josh reaches over
and lolit sexy shut off the water, grabbing a towel as he stepped out of the shower.He dried his father off as Caleb dried him also, and they walked hand in
hand back to Caleb's bedroom. They climbed into bed, and Caleb pulled his
son to him, as he wrapped his arms tightly around him."I love you Josh, and I'm glad that you are here with me in my bed," he
said as he kissed the back of his head."I love you father," he whispered and looked back over his shoulder, his
heart filled with love.Josh moaned in his father's arms as Caleb's hands felt the velvety softness
of Josh's young skin as they traveled slowly down his young body towards
his cock. He stopped at the slight growth of pubic hair that Josh has at
the base of his young cock, and he ran his hand gently over it, letting it
brush the very tips of his fingers. Just that simple feeling had his own
cock beginning to stir, as he moved his hand to Josh's beautiful teen cock.He takes it his hand, it's already hard, so he slowly glides it up and
down, and Josh nestles back more against Caleb's stiffening cock. Caleb
attacked his neck, but with the sensitivity of a lover as he sucked hard on
it, leaving a mark."Now your mine," he said to Josh, as he ran his fingers gently over the
hicky he just left on his son's neck. "I've left my claim on you son," he
told lolitta galery him, turning him to face him and he kissed him hard and long, filling
his mouth with his tongue.He kissed his son down to his shoulders, and raises his arms, running his
tongue over the soft hair of his pits, drinking in the sweet boy scent of
his son, as he coursed his way to his nubs. Like an island they sat two
pink mountains rising from an ocean that was his creamy chest. His skin is
pure and creamy vanilla, and he gently nibbled on the tender nubs, causing
Josh to moan in utter delight."Yeah dad, that's so fucking hot," he moaned as he ran his slender boy
fingers through his father's hair, and moved him over to his other nub,
wishing for the same delights on it.Caleb loved the taste of his boy, which was beneath him, as he ran his
tongue around each sweet nub, and he still has the taste of the soap from
the shower, and that too excited him. He licked his way down to his
ticklish naval, only this time he avoided the urge to torture his naval. He
followed the faint hint of this treasure trail, as it lead him down to his
young cock, seven inches of pure delight, standing there waiting to be
worshiped, so Caleb engulfs it in his mouth."Ooooooh fuck dad, suck my cock please," he howled while he held his dad's
head down against his pubes.Caleb drank in the intoxicating scent of his boy's soft pubes, as they
tickled his nose. He loli little girl flexed his throat muscles to give his son's cock
maximum pleasure."Stop dad, I'm going to cum and I don't want to yet," Josh said, so Caleb
pulled off loli sample his son's cock and crawled up his slender body to kiss him."I love you Josh, I hxxp secret loli love you more than I love life itself," he said as he
pressed his mouth to Josh's, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth.Josh held his dad tightly to him, wrapping his arms around his neck, and
his fingers gently ran through Caleb's hair."Mmmm," Josh purred, as they kissed, and he lifted his legs, wrapping them
around his dad's waist."Are you sure Josh, we don't have to fuck if you don't want to," Caleb said
once they broke their kiss."I don't want you to fuck me dad, I want Caleb to make love to his lover,"
Josh said reassuring what he had told him that night when they loli hentai videos first had
made love.Josh reached over his head for the KY gel and he handed it to his
lover. Caleb sat up, sets the gel aside as he lifts his son's legs and
moves down to suck his small balls into his hot mouth."Oh fuck dad, you are so turning me on," Josh said, as hard round ass
squirmed beneath Caleb and the magic of his lolit A little pedo tongue.Caleb gently rolled Josh's balls around in his mouth, and soon he felt them
tighten up, so he dropped them quickly, knowing his son was close and he
wanted real cp pedo lolikon
to postpone his climax, so that he could enjoy the pleasure he's
giving him. He put his hands on each of Josh's thighs, and pushed them
higher back, as he ran his tongue down to his tender boy pussy that was
waiting for him. He ran his tongue all around his sweet boy pussy and Josh
was squirming all over the bed. He shoved his tongue deep into his pucker,
and Josh shoved his ass up to get more of his tongue in him."Yeah dad, eat your boy's pussy," he howled, grabbing a fist full of hair,
and gently pulled it.The passion was building in both of them, as Caleb attacks his son's
rosebud, with lust and fury. He lifts off his pucker, covers his fingers
with gel and inserts one of his fingers deep into Josh's wanting ass; Josh
coos as he anticipates his fathers cock that will soon replace his fingers."Get your boy ready daddy, prepare his pussy to accept your cock," he
demanded, more than asked.It's when Caleb added a second finger in to join the first, that he found
Josh's sweet nut and began his gentle massage, bringing the boy quickly to
his edge. Caleb could feel Josh's ass contract around his fingers, so he
backed off his nut, keeping him just dancing on the edge of his climax, as
he pushed in a third finger."You tease me daddy...please daddy, I want to cum," Josh pleaded, and Caleb
again started to massage his sweet nut.It didn't take Josh long, and again his ass contracted around Caleb's
fingers, but Caleb once again backed off, as he toyed with his son's
emotions."Permission denied," he simply said, playing the game loli teen model toplist role of master, as he
watched his son squirm in frustration beneath him.He continued for several minutes, bringing him close to the edge, and then
backing off as he denied him permission to cum. Then when he felt he has
him properly prepared to accept his cock, he took him to the edge, and Josh
again asked."Daddy please I beg you, permission to cum," he begged, and the sweat was
rolling down his face, as the young boy worked hard to hold romanian sex loli
back his
climax."Permission..." and Caleb paused for a moment, as he gazed into his son's
eyes, and then he said, "Granted."Caleb engulfed Josh's throbbing cock, just as it exploded, sending a volume
of sweet boy cream deep down Caleb's waiting throat. Josh thrust his ass up
and down rapidly, with lolicon bbs child sex Caleb's fingers still fucking his young ass, Josh
fucked his father's mouth, and filled it with his boy sperm."Yeah daddy suck your son's cock... eat his luscious sperm," he screamed as
he fed him the essence of his balls.He fed him all that he had, as he fucked his dad's mouth, and Caleb took
every drop, swallowing it as fast as it was given. When Josh had no more to
give, he continued to suck his bdsm lolit
young cock, until Josh cried out to stop,
because it was too sensitive."That was so fucking awesome," Josh said, as he lay there enjoying the
afterglow of his climax."Make love to me now," he asked and Caleb pulled lolicon free post bbs his fingers from his ass,
placed his cock to the entrance of his boy's tender pussy, and bent down to
kiss the sweet boy laying there.As their mouths and tongues met, he gently glided his hard cock inside his
son's waiting ass, not stopping until he had bottomed. He could feel pt loli thumbs links
tense up, as his ass constricted around his cock, but Josh soon relaxed as
they kissed."Are you all right Josh," he asked, kiss broken and looking deep into his
eyes,"Yes daddy, now work your magic and make love to me, please," he whispered
and then he pulled him to him in a tender kiss.Caleb slowly withdrew, pushed back in, and repeated this until Josh was
meeting his thrusts with his own. He rose up and began to search out a
rhythm that would have them fucking in harmony, and soon they were moving
as one. Holding Josh's legs by their calves, as he thrust his cock in deep,
grind it around before pulling back and then repeating the process, each
time hitting the boy's prostate while lolicon bbs child sex Josh held him by the hips."Yeah daddy...oh fuck...fuck me, give me that cock harder and deeper," he
yelled, as he pulled him by the hips to urge him on.Caleb pounded his son's ass now like a dog in heat for ten, twenty and
thirty long and sweaty minutes, giving him the fullness of his large fat
cock deep into his sweet teen pussy. He shoved it in hard and fast and he'd
watch Josh's cock, as it bounced around to the rhythm of their
fucking. Josh grabbed his own cock, fully hard again and ready to go, he
began to beat it off, soon he was shooting again. His hot boy cum was
spewing all over his creamy chest and stomach, as his young boy pussy
constricted around Caleb's hard cock, urging him towards the precipice loli photographer of
his climax, and tossing him over.Caleb's eyes rolled back as he cock swelled deep within his son's ass, and
he could feel his balls pull up, as his cum rapidly moved up his cock."Ride your daddy's cock son,," he demanded, as his rhythm took over and his
cock erupted. "Aaaaggghhh fuck yeah cumming son," he blasted Josh's inside
like fire hose blasting a fire, the veracity was that real.He thrust harder and deeper into Josh's willing ass, filling it with the
seed that created him, unable to stop as their rhythm took over control."Aaaaaaah fuck son your pussy is so hot and tight," he howled as he pounded
his son's ass.He rammed his man cock deeper and faster into his son, until he finally had
nothing left to give him, collapsing on Josh. Spent and exhausted from the
intensity of their love making, Caleb wrapped Josh's face in his hands,
kissing him hard and lustfully, as only a lover can."I'm so fucking in love with you Josh," he said with conviction and he
kissed him again, but even more forcefully."Now that is what I call making love dad," Josh said as Caleb started to
pull his cock from his ass, but Josh stopped him. "No dad, leave it
please. I like the fullness of your cock in loli sample me," he bbs loli top porn said."If this is so wrong son, according to the world that we live in, then how
come it feels so right," Caleb asked, as he looked into his son's beautiful
eyes. "I never looked at young boys or for that matter any male period, in
a sexual way. But fuck son, you have me wanting your ass morning, noon and
night," and he kissed him hard again."Dad...could we eventually get married," Josh asked, which caused Caleb to
sit up and look at his son."You really are in love with me, aren't you Joshua Michaels?" Caleb asked,
shocked by the question, but yet not."Yes dad, did you think that I was just lying to you for sex? I never knew
love until you, not that unconditional love that they speak and write
about. That first time that you made love to me, I knew that the line we
were crossing was the boundary that would take us to a life of pure bliss
together.""How can a boy so young be so wise...and yet come in lolia underground porn such a handsome
package. Yes son, we can marry eventually, but not as father and son. We
shall have to lie and find another way to legally do it. But then that's
down the road when you're eighteen at the least son," they kissed, sealing
their union."Goodnight daddy," Josh said, and then snuggled back against his father's
body, wrapped tightly in his arms."Goodnight sweetheart...pleasant dreams," he whispered, and he threw his
leg over Josh's legs and his right arm across the teen's chest, before he
kissed the back of his head.***"Why are you acting like this dad?" Matt asked, shocked by his dad's
behavior, as he cowered against the headboard of his bed, his fear evident
in his eyes.I know that this one is short boys, but I had to go and I wanted to end
this saga for Caleb and Josh before I had to leave.Now Matt, that's a story for another time...another day boys...
randyhoward2yahoo.comRandy Howard.
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